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"Her Trap ~A Summer Experience~"
Season 1, Episode 10
Name in Japanese Falle ~ひと夏の経験~
Name in Romaji Falle ~Hitonatsu no Keiken~
Air date December 3, 2009
Written by Takashi Aoshima
Directed by Mitsue Yamazaki
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"His Midsummer ~Tropical Cyclone of Romance~"
"Choose ~A Song of Joy~"
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"Her Trap ~A Summer Experience~" is the tenth episode Kämpfer anime.

Key Points


Natsuru finds himself next to Kaede, who tries to hypnotise him to making Shizuku his. Kaede then disappears when Natsuru, who can't remember anything, is confronted by Akane, Shizuku and Mikoto. They return to the hotel where Kaede doesn't appear to recall either. Afterwards, they all go to the baths, where Natsuru's hypnotism kicks in and he goes over to Shizuku's room to make a move. During his hypnosis, Shizuku kisses him and he snaps out of the hypnotism. From this, Shizuku asks why Natsuru came after her, being displeased by hearing that he was told to go after her by Sakura. She knocks out Natsuru and leaves with giving him a kiss on the cheek, saying that she won't let him have her way with her so easily due to her pride, although feeling a little regret for giving up the chance she had. It is also revealed that Kaede appears to be in command of the White Kämpfers. The next day, Kaede whispers something in Shizuku's ear, basically saying that she should swallow her pride and confirming her suspicions.


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