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"Their Christmas ~The Entrails' Miracle~"
Season 1, Episode 12
Name in Japanese Weihnachten~臓物たちの奇跡~
Name in Romaji Weihnachten ~Zōmotsutachi no Kiseki~
Air date December 17, 2009
Written by Yuuko Fukuda
Directed by Yasuhiro Kuroda
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"Their Christmas ~The Entrails' Miracle~" is the twelfth episode of the Kämpfer anime.

Key Points


Natsuru wakes up on Christmas Eve morning to find out that he and his messenger, Harakiri Tora have swapped bodies! Harikiri Tora decides to head on outside to enjoy this occasion and met Natsuru's friends Mikoto, Shizuku, and Akane on the streets only to notice that they've been body swapped with their messengers as well. The messengers have fun with their new bodies until they are caught sneaking out on a food bill and are told to perform in a show.

Kaede then encounters them and takes them to an amusement park, where they begin to get aroused and play erotic games with her. Kaede goes to a church to confess the sin of having feelings for multiple girls, but she just ends up being punished by the student council. The messengers come to save her, but end up fighting each other when they discover they can feel pain. After saying their goodbyes to Kaede, they ride off on a sleigh, the whole thing being a bizarre Christmas story.


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Harakiri Tora (In Natsuru Senō's body): One, two!
Kaede: No! You mustn't do that in front of so many people.
Harakiri Tora (In Natsuru Senō's body): You're...
Kaede: You were in trouble. Good thing I happened to pass by.
Chissoku Norainu: I'm not sure about that, but thank you very much.
Harakiri Tora (In Natsuru Senō's body): It was quite amusing though.


Around 18:47, Kuro Usagi Seppuku in Akane's body said "Sukoshi, atama hiya sou ka?" (Would you like to cool your head a bit?) Is actually a reference to Episode 8 of Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Strikers. This is the same line said by Takamachi Nanoha, voiced by the same people, Tamura Yukari.



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