Kampfer Fanfiction Note: Please note all the material on this page and others with this message is about concepts based on the light novels, manga, or/and the tv show by fans and not to be confused thus. Also if you have a problem with this tell before getting rid of it cuz I can fix the problem short of deleting because Im trying keep peace by holding fanfiction separate and while its discouraged and given its not a rule im just making an approach of handling fanfiction because doing such a thing is new while still upholding the keeping from confusion but keeping the importance of the fanfiction of Kampfer in balance.

The general concept of a black kampfer to represent the opposition or opposers of the Moderators and of course against Kaede and her White Kämpfers . There is fanfiction (not just JonRerebel's version) where the Black Kämpfer is brought in. (The Black Kämpfer)

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