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Black Kamper bracelet

Black Kampfer bracelet(JonRerebel's version)

The black kampfer

A Black Kampfer (JonRerebel's concept version Character)

The Black Kampfer Sword

Black Kampfer Sword and Scabbard (from JonRerebel's version character)

JonRerebel's Note: Independently I had toyed with this idea with a kick, to the extent of bringing in "Black Moderators", a faction of Moderators who don't see eye to eye with the rest. They would prefer less forceful and much more peaceful methods. With that, they decide to interfere with the situation with the rebel Kämpfers by joining in the fight on their side against Kaede with their own Kämpfer who is a guy who does not change to a girl when transformed because the Black Moderators don't use the same rules for Kämpfers as the other Moderators do, except the bracelet which is colored black. There is no messenger, instead they communicate directly through the bracelet. Plus the Black Kämpfer would be equal to Kaede as far as fighting goes given the Character is a "Super Schwert" (can go "Super" Kampfer at will while the four Kampfers could do it but not as easily).
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