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Black Moderators are the Moderators who, unlike the "White Moderators," follow a different approach to resolving conflict. While the Moderators resolving the Blue and Red conflict with Kämpfers to fight in their stead and without consent to the chosen from a neutral world, the Black Moderators would rather give consent within reason. This difference had led to the rebellion by the Kämpfers in the first place.

In the Fanfiction story idea that in the background while Kaede and the White Kämpfers Kämpfers are dealing with the rebellion, the Black Moderators had already made a new arrangement that resolved the conflict between the Blue and the Red without need of Kämpfers anymore. Thus the cause to have the war between the rebel and the White Kämpfers to make the Blue and Red to fight no longer matters. However the principle involved still stood as far as the Moderators were concerned. So the Earth Kampfer Civil War continued.

After making peace, the Black Moderators were free to settle the Kämpfer conflict. Therefore they made consent to a person to become a Kämpfer for their purpose to end the war on and for all. Thus creating a Black Kämpfer.

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