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Burned-alive Lion/Hiaburi Raion
Burnt Out Lion


Burnt Alive Lion
ヒアブリ ライオン
Hiaburi Lion



Kämpfer Companion

Kaede Sakura

First appearance

Episode 11 (Anime)

Hiaburi Raion ("Burned-alive Lion") is considered the ancestor to all the other Messengers or the Prime Messenger.

The first time he is in appearance is when Kaede Sakura shows him as her favorite in her Entrail Animal Room. Shizuku steals him away and reveals that he was a messenger with Natsuru. Kanden Yamaneko, Shizuku's messenger just regards him as he truly acts like: an old guy who sleeps a lot. After Kaede is revealed to no memory of the battle between her, along with the White Kämpfers, and the Red and Blue Kämpfers, Shizuku makes another discussion with Hiaburi about Kaede's behavior.

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