Kampfer the anime is an animation with a one full season with 12 episodes and only 2 episodes in Season 2 called Kämpfer für die Liebe (only one aired on TV) each episode is about twenty four minutes long. This anime was created by Toshihiko Tsukiji. This anime is available in DVD which you can buy online. Also you can watch the first season for free on Hulu and by extention also Hulu Desktop which is also free. There is no English dubbed version only a English subbed version. Of course that doesn't mean that door for fandubbing is closed just not attempted yet. Kampfers are a chosen group of female warriors who must fight each other the weapons can either be magic,guns, or melee weapons or in the anime they are know as Zauber, Gewehr and Schwert. This has been made by a group of people called the moderators.

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