Harakiri Tora
An image of Disemboweled Tiger as he appears in the first episode of the anime adaption of Kämpfer.


Disembowled Tiger
ハラキリ トラ Harakiri Tora



Kämpfer Companion

Natsuru Senō

First appearance

Volume 1 Chapter 1 (Light Novel)
Volume 1 Chapter 1 (Manga)
Episode 1 (Anime)

Voice Actor

Michiko Nomura (Japanese)
Margaret McDonald (English)

Disembowled Tiger (ハラキリ トラ, Harakiri Tora) is the messenger for Natsuru Senō. He is part of the Entrails Series of plush dolls and is voiced by Michiko Nomura.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In appearance, he is a yellow tiger with brown stripes. A notable attribute is his eyepatch that stretches over his right eye. Being part of the Entrails series, his intestines hangs out of his body with a katana (Japanese longsword) above his opening. On his face there is also a scar on his right cheek.

Storyline[edit | edit source]

Like all Messengers, Disemboweled Tiger's role is to answer any questions that Natsuru has about Kämpfers and to tell him about his duty as a Kämpfer. Unfortunately, he often doesn't have the answers to Natsuru's questions. Disemboweled Tiger often frustrates Natsuru which often leads him being thrown at the bin or being hit. He and Natsuru do not have a hatred between each other but more of a comical one, in one Disembowled Tiger gets hurt. He enjoys watching the Sazae-san anime and spending time with his fellow messengers.

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