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Kana Asumi (阿澄佳奈 Asumi Kana, born August 12, 1983), born Kana Harada (原田 佳奈 Harada Kana) is a voice actress from Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan. Kana is the voice actress for Mikoto Kondō in the Kämpfer anime.

She starred in her first major roles in 2007, and has gone on to several other notable ones since then.

The characters Asumi voices tend to be innocent and full of energy, and usually little sisters.


Given name: 佳奈
Family name: 阿澄
Birthday: Aug 12, 1983
Hometown: Fukuoka, Japan
Blood type: A
Height: 161cm
Skills & Abilities: Kendo
Birth name: Kana (佳奈) Harada (原田)

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