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File:A child getting told a bedtime story by her mother on Christmas Eve.jpgFile:Actor 4864.jpgFile:Actor 711.jpg
File:Actor 887.jpgFile:Actor icon.pngFile:Akane, Natsuru, and, Kaede meeting on way home.jpg
File:Akane.jpgFile:Akane 21312.jpgFile:Akane and Natsuru let out anger in front of the White Kampfers.jpg
File:Akane and Natsuru talking about the Kampfer.jpgFile:Akane doing same thing to Natsuru F.pngFile:Akane greeting in the Posh Cafe.jpg
File:Akane in her Kampfer form and a cowgirl outfit during the beauty contest.jpgFile:Akane mishima.jpgFile:Akane mishima kampfer.jpg
File:Akane on top of Natsuru from being saved by him.jpgFile:Akane ready to see who is the possible attacking enemy Kampfer is.jpgFile:Akane seeing Natsuru zoned out.jpg
File:Akane smiling from the experience in the locker.jpgFile:Akane with Natsuru at his home.jpgFile:Asdwfewbraebvv.jpg
File:B-bangle.pngFile:BELPHEGOR prince the ripper.jpgFile:Black Kamper bracelet.png
File:Burnt Alive Lion.jpgFile:Burnt Lion.jpgFile:Burnt Out Lion.jpg
File:Chairman.jpgFile:Chissoku.jpgFile:Contolled Mikoto attacking Shizuku with vigor.jpg
File:Darkowl blue earth.svgFile:Deleteimage.jpgFile:Disemboweled tiger 2504.jpg
File:Disembowled Tiger.jpgFile:Electrocuted Wildcat.jpgFile:Electrocuted wildcat 2506.jpg
File:Ep 42618 1.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Exploded Penguin.jpg
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File:Feature.pngFile:Female.gifFile:Forum new.gif
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File:Harakiri.jpgFile:Harakiri Tora(in Natsuru's body) in his designed outfit.jpgFile:Hikinige Kaba.jpg
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File:KAMPFER FUR DIE LIEBE20005-2bea9.jpgFile:Kaede's Entrails Room.jpgFile:Kaede and Natsuru outside during the fireworks.jpg
File:Kaede and her guests enjoying curry.jpgFile:Kaede being mad for losing when Natsuru chose being a guy.jpgFile:Kaede dragging Natsuru out of the room from her admiring classmates.jpg
File:Kaede evilly whispering into Shizuku's ear.jpgFile:Kaede flying in Santa's sleigh giving out Entrails Animals.jpgFile:Kaede greeting Natsuru as if the other night never happened.jpg
File:Kaede in wedding Dress during the beauty contest.jpgFile:Kaede outmanuvered both Shizuku and Mikoto.jpgFile:Kaede repeating her vow not lose to Natsuru for her love for his female self.jpg
File:Kaede sakura.jpgFile:Kaede trying to seduce Natsuru.jpgFile:Kaede unconsious.jpg
File:Kamp1.jpgFile:Kamp tile pink.gifFile:Kampfer-925965-1.jpg
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File:Kampfer - 08 - mikoto migaton punch.jpgFile:Kampfer - 08 - natsuru lap pillow.jpgFile:Kampfer - 08 - shizuku keychain.jpg
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File:Kampfer - 12 - Large 43.jpgFile:Kampfer - Fur Die Liebe OpeningFile:Kampfer - Mikoto Transformation Scene HD
File:Kampfer - Shizuku Sangou TransformationFile:Kampfer 05BD-017.jpgFile:Kampfer Abridged.png
File:Kampfer Cowboys Ep 5 by NekoHitomi.jpgFile:Kampfer DVD 1.pngFile:Kampfer DVD 2.png
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File:Kampfer Manga Page 2.jpgFile:Kampfer Novel vol. 1.jpgFile:Kampfer Sayaka Nakao.jpg
File:Kampfer Shizuku Transformation SeqFile:Kampfer Shizuku Transformation Seq-0File:Kampfer Shizuku Transformation Seq-1
File:Kampfer Shizuku Transformation Seq-2File:Kampfer Shizuku Transformation Seq-3File:Kampfer Timara Yukeda.png
File:Kampfer Timson Yukeda.pngFile:Kampfer Vol. 9 Promo.jpgFile:Kampfer Vol 01 cover.jpg
File:Kampfer Vol 02 cover.jpgFile:Kampfer Vol 03 cover.jpgFile:Kampfer Vol 04 cover.jpg
File:Kampfer Vol 05 cover.jpgFile:Kampfer Vol 06 cover.jpgFile:Kampfer Vol 07 cover.jpg
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File:Kampfer episode 9 0002.jpgFile:Kampfer episode 9 Title Page.jpgFile:Kampfer fur die Liebe Logo.jpg
File:Kampfer girls Wallpaper xrvw.jpgFile:Kampfer nurse cosplay ep 5 by nekohitomi-d389z1o.jpgFile:Kampfer pic.jpg
File:Kampfer sport suit ep 5 by nekohitomi-d389zyy.jpgFile:Kampfer vol. 1 Orignial.jpgFile:Kampferquality.jpg
File:Kanji Higashida.jpgFile:Kenji utsumi.jpgFile:Kenpu126.jpg
File:Kenpu132.jpgFile:Kenpu145.jpgFile:Kenpu Natsuru.png
File:Kondou Mikoto.jpgFile:Kondou Mikoto2.jpgFile:Kämpfer Episode 13 English subs 0001.jpg
File:Kämpfer Opening Unreal paradise full.oggFile:Kämpfer title screen.jpegFile:M1-thompson-tommygun-1-.jpg
File:Magic hat 2.svgFile:Making a deal to protect Kaede in exchange for Shizuku's life.jpgFile:Male.gif
File:Male Senou Natsuru vector by drhlajos.pngFile:Mamiko noto large.jpgFile:Manga in Jp.svg
File:Manga vol 01.jpgFile:Marinainoue02 large.jpgFile:Masumi Nishino.jpg
File:Maxresdefault.jpgFile:Mayo13 52.jpgFile:Meeting Shizuku, the Student President.jpg
File:Messengers.jpgFile:Midori Kuzuhara.jpgFile:Mikoto's impulsive move to join Natsuru in the shower.jpg
File:Mikoto Kondo.jpgFile:Mikoto and Akane in Kampfer form and enraged at Natsuru..jpgFile:Mikoto and Akane taking a bath.jpg
File:Mikoto and Shizuku making a surprise appearance.jpgFile:Mikoto had tricked Akane to kiss Seppuku Kuro Usagi.jpgFile:Mikoto miku.jpg
File:Mikoto serving Natsuru curry for breakfast.jpgFile:Minami Kuribayashi - Unreal Paradise Kämpfer OP HDFile:Mishima Akane.jpeg
File:Nakajima01.jpgFile:Natsuru's finding he is a girl.jpgFile:Natsuru's popping buttons hitting Akane.jpg
File:Natsuru Both 1.jpgFile:Natsuru EP 14.pngFile:Natsuru and Akane.jpg
File:Natsuru and Akane hiding a cramped locker.jpgFile:Natsuru and the Chairman and company dressed in maid oufits in quasi-cafe.jpgFile:Natsuru being harrassed by Shizuku.jpg
File:Natsuru boobs .pngFile:Natsuru crushed inward and smiling outwardly toward Kaede's words.jpgFile:Natsuru dealing with the same good old fighting for his attention from the three girls.jpg
File:Natsuru getting screwed by Shizuku with the date they had.jpgFile:Natsuru going Kampfer to have him enroll as a girl.jpgFile:Natsuru greeting in the Posh Cafe.jpg
File:Natsuru in male clothes during the Beauty Contest.jpgFile:Natsuru invites akane.jpgFile:Natsuru knocked out after being controlled into nearly seduced Shizuku.jpg
File:Natsuru looking at Kaede (outside of pic).jpgFile:Natsuru massaging Shizuku's shoulders.jpgFile:Natsuru running from his Kampfer friends.jpg
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