Kämpfer Volume 10 (Manga)
Vol. 10 Front Cover Image

Released (Japan)

January 24, 2013

Released (Taiwan)

Yet to be released

Scanned and Translated into English

(51) January 28, 2017

(52) March 6, 2017

(53) March 21, 2017

(54) April 6, 2017

(55) May 4, 2017

(56) June 8,2017

Scanned and Translated into French

Yet to be released

Previous Volume

Volume 9

Next Volume

Final Volume


Volume 10 is the last volume of the Kampfer manga. It contains Kampfer 51 to 56. Kampfer 56 ends the series. The volume has been entirely translated into English. The manga ultimately ends with Natsuru picking Shizuku (differing from the light novel ending) and both hold hands as they walk into the sunset differing from the Light Novel ending in which he picks Akane.

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