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Kämpfer Volume 1 (Manga)
Manga vol 01

Released (Japan)

October 23, 2008

Released (Taiwan)


Scanned and Translated into English

August 9,2009

Scanned and Translated into French

January 13, 2013

Next Volume

Volume 2

"Manga Volume 1" is the first installment of the manga volumes.


Volume 1 contains the first 5 chapters of the manga. The first chapter introduces Natsuru Senō when he is appointed to be a Kämpfer. He then faces Akane Mishima who doesn't know that he is her ally. Later they both face off their true enemy who is later revealed as being Shizuku Sangō. They had fough in the library and at the end of the Volume, Shizuku tells them that she is holding Kaede Sakura captive.

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