Kämpfer Volume 2 (Manga)
Vol. 2 Front Cover Image

Released (Japan)

March 23,2009

Released (Taiwan)


Scanned and Translated into English

(6-8)August 14, 2009
(9)August 16, 2009
(10)August 17,2009

Scanned and Translated into French

January 14, 2013

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Volume 2 contains Chapters 6 through 10 (10.1) plus a special attacted to Chapter 10. Shizuku Sangō has Kaede in her hands, and tells her two enemies that the night after the next day, she expects them to give her a fight for her. Later, Natsuru and Akane make plans to use the underground tunnel between the boy and girl sections to rescue Kaede. However it was an ambush when they find her. They soon find Shizulu as being a tough oppoent. The fight proved impossible to win until Natsuru hit the spriklers and set her off balance. However before Akane could finish her, Natsuru stopped her, proposing a deal to let Shizulu if Kaede is left alone. Shizulu agreed. In the second half of Chapter 10, Mikoto Kondō is introduced and already jealous of the popular female Natsuru not knowing that her friend Natsuru and the Kämpfer Natsuru are one and the same.

Kämpfer Short Story (10.5)Edit

Natsuru in his Kämpfer form and Harakiri Tora have a conversation about the possiblity of Natsuru having nothing worn underneath when the likelihood of his clothes destroyed in a battle. When he looks at himself in his female form, he gets a nosebleed from the attraction.

Natsuru Nosebleed Omake

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