Kämpfer Volume 5 (Manga)
Vol. 5 Front Cover Image

Released (Japan)

December 22, 2010

Released (Taiwan)


Scanned and Translated into English

(21)July 6, 2010

(22)October 16, 2010

(23)January 14, 2011

(24)August 12, 2011

(25)January 28, 2012

Scanned and Translated into French

Yet to be released

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Volume 5 contains Kämpfer 21 through 25 plus a special attacted to Kämpfer 21. Shizuku and Natsuru discuss the conflict between Akane and Kaede that reared its ugly head at the beauty contest. After that, the new Kämpfer makes her presence known by a surprise attack on Natsuru in the library. However he wins by using the same move he made that sent Shizuku off-balance with the sprinklers. However he had already figured out that the new Kämpfer is Mikoto. Shizuku had him tell her about the identity of the other Kämpfer fighting in the library. Then they and Akane come over to Kaede's place. Kaede reveals what is her favorite of her Entrail Animals: Hiaburi Raion. Later on Mikoto makes another ambush on Natsuru in his female form. This time Akane gave backup. Then Shizuku arrives and finally knock out Mikoto. She wakes up in her normal form and faints when Natsuru reveal that the female and male Natsuru are on and the same. Now the air is clear once more. Later they return for the night at Kaede's. Then a new Kämpfer appears through the window. After the small scuffle, unknown to the four Kämpfers, the mysterious Kämpfer regroups with her three Kämpfer allies. Evetually at the end of Natsuru is aware that there are White Kämpfers walking around after fighting with an ally with the mysterious Kämpfer. Shizuku discusses with Natsuru afterward of the suspicion on Kaede's connection with the messengers and the Moderators by showing him Hiaburi Raion that she took from Kaede.

Kämpfer Short Story (21.5)Edit

Shizuku puts on costumes that the other characters had put on previously. It gets awkward when she gets caught dressed in a bunny outfit. Fortunately she knocks the girl out and forgets the whole thing.

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