Sayaka Nakao

中尾 沙也香

Kampfer Sayaka Nakao






Seitetsu Gakuin High School


Second-year student
School librarian


White Kämpfer

Fighting Style




Voice Actor

Eri Nakao (Japanese)
中尾 衣里

First Appearance

Volume 5 Chapter 24 (Manga)
Episode 9 (Anime)

Female W-bangle Nicubunu Long sword
Sayaka Nakao [中尾 沙也香, Nakao Sayaka] is a second-year student at the Seitetsu Gakuin High School. She also works in the library alongside Akane Mishima

Sayaka was transformed into a Kämpfer by Kaede Sakura, alongside Hitomi Minagawa, Ryōka Yamakawa and Rika Ueda.


Sayaka has blonde hair, which she keeps long. She also has amber eyes. Unlike most other Kämpfer, there is no change in appearance when transforming. She is most often seen in her school uniform. Like all Kämpfer, she wears a Contract Bracelet on her right arm. Her Contract Bracelet is white, denoting her allegiance to the White Kämpfer and Sakura.


Sayaka is one of the few Kämpfer who undergo a personality change when transformed. She has been said to be like a regular teenage girl by most. She has also been described as being a prep by Akane, though it may also have something to do with Akane being a closet goth.

Once transformed, Sayaka's speech and mannerisms becomes incredibly polite. She will most often comment on the rudeness of others, one notable example being Akane, when fighting them. She is also very much infatuated with Sakura, up to the point where she will obey her commands without question.

She has also been said to be incompetant and indecisive.

Fighting Style

Sayaka Nakao

Sayaka is a Schwert user. She wields a single sabre with varying guards. In the anime, Sayaka's sabre has a thick knuckle guard, whereas in the manga, Sayaka's sabre is fashioned with a much more elaborate basket hilt .

The pommel (the end of the hilt) also differs. The manga version of her sabre features a small, somewhat cylindrical pommel that extends past the guard, while in the anime, it is now a large, egg-shaped pommel. 

By using a sabre, Sayaka is the only known Kämpfer wielding a western blade.

She is proficient in swordfighting, and even held her own against Akane during the first team battle between the White Kämpfer and the rebel Kämpfer.


  • In the anime, Sayaka obtained her Messenger by catching an Entrails Animal that Sakura threw at the audience during the Cultural Festival. It is unknown how she obtained her Messenger in the manga, as she was a contestant rather than a spectator.
    Kampfer5 47

    Sayaka catching her messenger

  • The name of Sayaka's Messenger is unknown, though in the anime, her Messenger can be seen to resemble Bludgeoned Bear (who appears in episode 7).
  • Sayaka, a librarian, had a polite character which is a direct contrast to Akane's rude character, who was also a librarian. She was also a short-ranged fighter, while Akane was a long-ranged combatant.
  • Sayaka, like all the other White Kämpfer, had a voice actress whose name was similar to the character they portrayed; Eri Nakao.
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