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Strangled Stray Dog/Chissoku Norainu


Strangled Stray Dog

チッソク ノライヌ

Chissoku Norainu



Kämpfer Companion

Mikoto Kondo

First appearance

Episode 5 (Anime)

Chissoku Norainu (literally "choked to death stray dog") is Mikoto's Messenger, and it first appeared not 'awakened' yet when it flew out from the school carnival on Episode 5 and Mikoto happened to pick it up. Like all Entrail Messengers, it has its intestines sticking out of its belly. Of course when Mikoto was revealed as the new Kampfer on Episode 6, it made its appearance as a talking Messenger after Mikoto came to after fainting from finding out the childhood friend Natsuru Senō and her female Natsuru were one and the same. Unlike the Natsuru and Akane Mishima but like Shizuku Sangō, its relationship with its Kampfer was not violent and seemly painful, but more agreeable. 

Chissoku hanged by Natsuru

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