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Tamiko Shinomiya
Tamiko Shinomiya
An image of Tamiko from Episode 8






Seitetsu Gakuin High School




Red Kämpfer

Fighting Style



unknown Zauber blast

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Tamiko Shinomiya [篠宮 多美子, Shinomiya Tamiko] was a Zauber-type Red Kämpfer whom Shizuku Sangō adored. Shizuku was given tips on being a Kämpfer from Tamiko herself. Tamiko was shot dead in Shizuku's presence by a Blue Kämpfer whom she defeated and afterward showed mercy to. It was her death that spurred Shizuku to find out who's behind the Kämpfer battles and find a way to stop them.
Tamiko 2

Shizuku and Tamiko

In Episode 11, Kaede talks about Tamiko when she has Shizuku, Akane, and Mikoto in her grasp and ready to be killed by Natsuru in his Kämpfer form. She says that Shizuku was just like her, making Shizuku angry and accusing of her of killing Tamiko. Although it hints that Kaede killed her, it also gives more ambiguity on whether or not Kaede is a Moderator, has contact with Moderators, or is a Kämpfer herself.

In the light novels and the Manga, instead of Tamiko, it is Midori Kuzuhara who was allied with Shizuku before Mikoto. Also that she also held the same messenger: Hikinige Kaba.

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