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The Black Kämpfer (Link)Edit

(From the top of page of first chapter at "This fan fiction is written as an AR (alternate reality) that explores a different type of Kämpfer.

What if Kämpfers were more prominent in the world? What if Natsuru was not as thickheaded and narrow-minded about his choices? And what if he was chosen as the one and only Black Kämpfer, whose objective was to oppose the rule of the Moderators and forever stop their control over the Proxy Wars? This work attempts to share a storyline more focused on the Kämpfer battles and Natsuru's decisions than the original. Of course, if there were no pairings I might as well not write a fan-fiction for this so… harem? There will be several OCs in the later chapters, by the way."

There are only four chapters:

1.The Arrival of the Black Kämpfer

2. The First Night

3. Sangou Shizuku

4. Rebels of the Red

There is more of Kämpfer Fanfiction at

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