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    May I link the different Kämpfer classes present on Character's articles to this page? I would want to do so, because, when specifying which Kämpfer class the character belongs to, when hover over the link - well the page doesn't exist. If what I'm saying is not clear enough, for which I'm apologizing in advance, here's the example of what I would like to do: [[Kämpfer|Red Kämpfer]], which will result in this: Red Kämpfer.
    Looking forward your answer.

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    • Thanks for the edits.

      I am considering just working the {{Icons}} template. Just having categories for Red, Blue, and White Kampfer doesn't really make a lot of sense seeing that there's not a lot of named Kampfer running around. Plus, having an article about every faction of Kampfer doesn't make a lot of sense for the same reason. They're not really that different, except maybe the White Kampfer and even then they have the same powers.

      I'm just going to place character navigation template for every character, which I'll get to later this week. You are free to change the akward links to point to "Kämpfer (Magical Girl)". I want to free up "Kämpfer" article name to use as the article name for the light novel.

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