Zauber is one of the three battle classes utilised by the Kämpfer. Zauber is the German term, meaning "magic".

Kämpfer do not have control over which battle class they belong to, nor what type of weapon they have in that class. Zauber is elemental in nature, and seems to draw its power from the Contract Bracelet each Kämpfer wears. The element wielded by each Kämpfer seem to be random, and they will be associated with that element permanently. Zauber users seem to be able to generate their element at will, but not control pre-existing sources. The strength of Zauber attacks have been seen to be influenced by the emotions of its wielder.

It seems to be the hardest class to master, as beginners often have no idea how to use it, and it has been implied by Mishima Akane that an activating item is used by novice Kämpfer to generate Zauber. It is arguably the most destructive battle class among the Kämpfer, as Zauber attacks are not only large but often have an accompanying explosion, increasing the danger radius; conversely, pinpoint strikes are not a trait seen among Zauber users.

The Zauber class can be said to be an offensive oriented class, as fighting styles of Zauber users are usually composed of powerful strikes and fast advances that keep the opponent off balance, and generally lack any sort of defensive capabilities whatsoever.

Notable users include Natsuru Senō, who wields Fire, Hitomi Minagawa, who wields Light, Ai Nabeshima, who wields love, and Tamiko Shinomiya, whose Zauber element is unknown, as she was missing and only mentioned during the events of Kämpfer.

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